Keyser City Meeting

Amtower Explains Why Dumpsters Were Removed from South End Park

Wondering where the recycle bin went?

Amtower detailed why the dumpsters were removed from the South End Park after council candidate William (Billy) Zacot questioned the city. Billy directly challenged Karol Ashenfelter’s latest comments made on Facebook regarding usage of recycled items.

“The way it was made out to sound on social media, once again, is it was just that company coming in and pulling it without anything being done,” questioned Zacot. Councilwoman Ashenfelter falsely confirmed Apple Valley’s move.

According to Randy Amtower (former mayor) Apple Valley purchased First United, a trash disposal company, and then invoiced the City of Keyser $75 (seventy-five dollars) per week to empty the bins. Amtower conveyed he was unable to come to a reasonable agreement with Apple Valley and concluded Apple Valley should remove their dumpsters. Apple Valley did so, according to Amtower.

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