Keyser City Meeting

Mayor Candidate Damon Tillman Demos Firetruck Ladder

The Keyser Volunteer Fire Department is seeking a fully lit ladder for the sake of safety. Plenty of citizens back KVFD’s safety concerns, and insist Keyser’s council upgrade the firetrucks.

Council member Karol Ashenfelter has relayed on Facebook the financials behind maintaining firetrucks on Eye On Keyser.

ok here is the deal! the fire dept does need to light up the latter that is a givin, the issue is the city is still paying for a truck, at 27000.00 a year and we owe 3 years on that truck, they will need a new truck when that is paid off as of now they cost between 500,000 to 700.00 and the city will have to have another loan when we buy that. some also say the latter truck needs replaced,(not all, but some) they cost 1 million and over unless they are bought if we put the lights on the latter that is 7500.00 and a generator some say they need is 8500.00. those are things the city pays for. Now I will grant you the fire dept pays for alot of things on their own, they have a fire station that the state provided that is horrible, looks nice on the outside but the inside is awful, lot of things wrong with the building , these are not the citys fault but we need to fix it. The fire company does as much as they can and I applaud them for that, they have saved this city more than once. The entire council will vote on this issue. If you can help the fire co you should . they are a great organization, — Link

Scott Matthews has also provided usage on the firetrucks:

Well since I do not have permission to reply in the appropriate thread I’ll put it here:
I stated before that I would have an answer for the utilization of Truck 33 and so far have a response of the following:

So far for the month of January 2018 there have been 10 requests and uses of Truck 33 out of 53 calls. Of 420 total calls in 2017, there were 73 times that Truck 33 was utilized. 2016 there were 72 times out of 406 total calls.

This may not seem like a lot to some people but, everyone needs to realize that Keyser Volunteer Fire Department runs anything from trees down to full blown structure fires however the usage of Truck 33 is 20% of our total calls.

The next City Council Meeting is at February 14, 2018 at 4:30pm, all the information has been exchanged and hopefully a positive outcome can be achieved.

The outpouring of support and concern from the citizens of Keyser, and surrounding departments is greatly appreciated and has been noted. — Link

In the video provided by Tillman, a fireman proceeds up the ladder, vanishing as they ascend.

Supporters and the KVFD are looking for a decision to be made this February 14th.

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