RIP Journal Five’s YouTube channel

November 4, 2011 is the start of Journal Five’s YouTube channel, and unfortunately today is the end. I initially chose YouTube as the host of JF’s videos due to it being free, and with the ability to generate profit. That speaks volumes when creating content for nothing, or rather with no money to start with. YouTube gave Journal Five a small income on the side for its contributors’ efforts.

Sadly, YouTube chooses to no longer honor existing YouTube partners and will remove monetizing features for channels less with less than 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of view time.

Since YouTube has decided to no longer pay its content providers for their efforts, even small content providers, Journal Five has de-activated all videos on YouTube. We’ll be hosting media directly on our website.

All videos previously hosted by YouTube are currently not carried over in “post” form, but are available to view at any time.

The stats in the featured picture may not reflect much to you, but in a small town of around 5,000, it’s enough! In a matter of days from posting 2 links on Facebook, 2,038 visits took place in 1 day. 1,624 of those hits being unique visitors.

Thank you for reading, and watching. We’re on Facebook, and Twitter.


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