Gillette Fusion, Proglide (Flexball)

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I’m not the master of shaving, but I am particular in which razors and accessories to use for it. Mind you, I don’t shave every single day, because well, my facial hair grows extremely slow – that and – I don’t like facial hair.

That’s not to say I should use the cheap knock-offs or cheap-in-quality selection.


A friend had purchased me a Proglide not too long ago. So now I have two, one for myself and one for review.


See! NOT that much.

I am incredibly impressed by how sharp and the number of razors I’m getting when going over. When shifting towards the ends of my chin, I noticed how much easier it is to turn my hand, yet still shaving off those under/side hairs. Not to mention when going under the chin / neck area, you don’t have to position your hand in such an awkward way, worrisome that you might clip yourself.


Yea, yea, I know, tons of you “pros” out there will gladly be able to tell me that shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s not as-if I”m a nurse or a full-time shaver, here, so let’s not get carried away at how legit my complaints may be!


The twist. The orange ball, right in the middle, press that and the razor comes right off. No hassle.


And so! Considering there was not much there, I imagine the time it took me to remove it would not be accurate to others timing, but it was only around 2 minutes.

For the finishing touches…


There you have it. Overall impressions? Very high. But I have to say, Gilette’s disposable razors are also good, but if you’re looking for an extreme shave, this would be the route to go for now.

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