Keyser Councilman Zacot discusses City Trash Service idea

In the almost fifteen minute interview, councilman William (Billy) Zacot describes the trash service would operate as any other existing trash company does now.

Raising recycling issues due to the removal of the South End Park bins, Zacot says the bins are definitely on the agenda.

“One of the places that we had talked about is possibly out Waxler Rd. at the plant. It’s a fenced in area, it would only be open certain times and there’d be someone out there to supervise, ‘cus you know you can’t just have people wandering on and off that plant,” said Zacot. The recycling would still remain free to partake.

An estimated fifty to sixty thousand dollars per year could be generated in profit for the City of Keyser.

Bins would not be offered at first. “[…] It would a little ways down the road before we would actually get bins for the individual customers,” when asked about bin size selection. “We’ve talked about it, but it’s just one more expense right now that would really put us behind to play catch up,” Zacot responded.

“This will be completely optional.”

Watch the video for a full breakdown.


Keyser’s Meter Attendant does want new Glass for Meters

It’s not the first time a citizen has made complaints against Keyser’s parking meters, but more importantly, why? I decided to venture downtown to see what the fuss is.

Meter Attendant, Melanie Shreve, was kind enough to speak for a few moments to discuss the concerns of the citizens. Ironically, I was able to catch up with Shreve as she was placing a fine onto a vehicle.