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Update on Journal Five

Thankfully, Journal Five has been able to jump back into documenting city council meetings for the time being. I’m excited to see it alive again. Viewers, donations, and past contributors put it to where it is today – Thank you!

YouTube, unfortunately, has removed financial support from JF, so I’m looking for donations to cover equipment, storage, and maybe in the future additional reporter costs. A plugin being tested caused some glitches in content display, and ultimately halted overall viewing, this has been disabled for now.

As of today, JF’s Go Fund Me account is suspended without given reason. I’m unsure why this has happened, and have yet to hear back from them. At the end of every post, or one by a contributor you’ll find a +1 to donate if you wish.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel here, and our Facebook page here. To help Journal Five meet YouTube’s new Partner Program we kindly ask you subscribe to our channel. Plus, you can view Journal Five content anywhere YouTube is available!

You can always reach out at Thank you for reading and commenting!