Jeremy Taylor and Damon Tillman Speak at Warriors On the Move with God


Church was in-session when it came to candidate Sheriff Jeremy Taylor, and candidate Magistrate Damon Tillman. Speaking at the Warriors On the Move with God, now being held at the American Legion (Keyser, WV), according to Frances Jones, in an interview.

Warriors On the Move with God welcomes and helps any individual. Dealing with basics from opening up in discussions, to financial support, and regular church service. According to Frances Jones, Warriors On the Move with God has been operating for one year six months, originally starting in Denny's, eventually moving to the American Legion. Jones has also given direct assistance to prisoners, because she believes the Holy Spirit will help anyone. "God chose me," said Jones, in regard to someone she works with in-cooperation with police.

Tillman, candidate Magistrate opened with his speech stating "I've got my sword with me," speaking of his bible. "This is my council, this is everywhere I go. [...]" Later speaking of the current Magistrate, "It's not their office, it's your office."  "My goal is the serve the citizens of Mineral county." Later citing the 7-11 and CVS robberies, "these criminals are back out on the street before the police are finished with the paper work." Pointing out the failed collaboration of officials, "no one is working together." Damon Tillman received a question dealing with synthetic marijuana, and issued the question to Jeremy Taylor, next speaker, in-which he later endorsed, as-well as Alex McDonald (candidate Board of Education).

Candidate Sheriff Jeremy Taylor, started with "I'm going to make a change, I'm going to make a difference, that's why I'm running." Taylor says "I'm not going to Romney," speaking of bringing back vehicle registration to Mineral county. Discussing Piedmont, Taylor said that he would put more police into the city. Following up on the question of synthetic marijuana, Taylor goes on to discuss that it's damaging, and asked for a ban. Later discussing that he also wants to implement a drug box for people to dispose of their prescription medicine properly. "What these kids do is watch the elderly at their houses, and wait for them to leave to steal." Jeremy Taylor also endorsed Damon Tillman.


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