Keyser: Crime Watch, and Exposure


Correction: Mark Tranum on illegal dumpster usage

Ralph Broadwater response, March 14

Citizens of Mineral county, in West Virginia have chosen to strike back, refusing to wait on City Council's word, according to News Tribune. The easily-acceptant group, Eye On Keyser, on Facebook have been tearing up the local ground in pursuit of justice. Exposing officials in Mineral county such as City Councilman Herman Judy, and Cindy Pyles, recently re-elected as president of Commission. Also patrolling the streets themselves.

Crime Watch or "Crime Watchers" program, Mark Tranum has been having regular meet-ups with other local residents of Mineral County. Walking throughout Keyser generally starting at 6:00PM, the concerned citizens patrol the streets looking for illegal activity to report to law enforcement. Support came in from McNeills Bails Bond helping the crime watchers with vests, and flashlights, Jeremy Taylor with safety tips, and Damon Tillman vocally. Some citizens feel a Crime Watch(ers) program is unneeded, and may pose a liability. I contacted Mark Tranum for questioning about criminal activity information assistance from both parties. Tranum declined to comment.

Ralph Broadwater, one of Eye On Keyser has been investigating financial situations regarding Mineral county, exposure. and appears determined to uncover any additional information he can find; even Potomac Highlands Airport Authority (such as the alleged violation relating to debris clean-up (Cindy Pyles as chairwoman)). Broadwater has yet to respond to questioning about the newly formed Crime Watchers program, and his participation in it. Mark Tranum has caught Herman Judy (City Councilman) breaking the law (illegal trash dumping).

March 14, 2012:

Ralph Broadwater has responded to this article stating his goal for Eye On Keyser. "It's not totally about exposing the wrong-doings in Keyser. My intention in starting this site was to give the citizens a place where they could express their feelings," said Broadwater, hoping citizens become aware for election. With his family, Broadwater said he is participating in Crime Watch, and has had great success, only missing out on one walk.


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