Keyser’s Meter Attendant does want new Glass for Meters

It’s not the first time a citizen has made complaints against Keyser’s parking meters, but more importantly, why? I decided to venture downtown to see what the fuss is.

Meter Attendant, Melanie Shreve, was kind enough to speak for a few moments to discuss the concerns of the citizens. Ironically, I was able to catch up with Shreve as she was placing a fine onto a vehicle.

Melanie informed me the meters are digital, and the batteries are changed every six months.

Raising the concern of being able to see the readout clearly or not, Melanie did confirm some of the meters are hard to read, and that she would like to get new glass for them. Keep in mind, this is not the city’s agenda, this is Shreve’s idea that she’ll bring forth later this month.

The reason for the new glass is that after it rains, the insides of the meters become fogged up, and some are simply old.

While some citizens have voiced the meters are inaccurate (even broke), Melanie assures the meters are accurate down to the second.

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