Mineral County: Let's Interview some Candidates


At the Potomac Highlands Patriots Tea Party meeting, March 8th, 2012, there were many candidates standing up to pitch to the audience. From a nineteen-year-old Board of Education candidate, to a technologist Commission candidate.

Nineteen-year-old, Alex McDonald felt that a younger generation needed to be on the board with youthful insight. During his Questions and Answers, I asked if McDonald felt he had the experience to run for a position. McDonald responded with confidence, "[...] I brought Apple Alley back from a five-year dead period, to a thirty-thousand dollar gross." McDonald wants more attention, and activity presented to the children. He also felt technology, such as iPad or Android tablets should be used in schools if the budget permits, discussed in an interview.

Business owner Leon Ravenscroft, Mineral county Commission candidate wants the Development Authority to be more proactive. Pointing out that technology equipment purchased for the city, and equipment he has donated has often been wasted. In an interview, Ravenscroft discusses the fundamental breakdown of the Mineral county regarding his offered assistance. When I questioned him during the Q&A about being biased against other businesses, if elected, he assured the audience that would not happen.

Sheriff candidate, Jeremy Taylor, seemed nervous during his speech, but was determined to bring back essentials to Mineral county. One being vehicle registration, so that Mineral residents would not have to drive to the next county, Hampshire, a twenty to thirty minute drive. "All it takes is a letter," said Taylor. Also associated with the citizen-endorsed Crime Watch, Jeremy gave tips on safety, laws, and recommended to call the police at the first sign of a crime, speaking in an interview.

Current Tea Party public endorsement in Mineral county are Magistrate candidate Damon Tillman, and Magistrate David Harman.


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