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Journal Five is operating as a doing-business-as or “dba” under Ty Clifford. owns Journal Five and its assets. Journal Five operates as a non-profit.

Journal Five provides the following:

  • Cellular data if requested to broadcast live
  • Expenses
  • Website to host articles
  • Media storage
  • Advertisement portal
  • Email

In order to receive expenses paid upfront, we’ll need a valid ID and a background check. All SIM cards are tagged and will immediately reported stolen if not returned. Article shares are split with the author and Journal Five %30/%70(author).


Valid ID exemption applies when:

  • An individual wishes to remain anonymous
  • “Valid ID” is expired

An expired ID is taken into consideration, and is still filed for documentation. If an individual wishes to remain anonymous, this is possible, but a valid payment method is required, and if not PayPal or a bank account, it must be in the form of a well supported cryptocurrency.