Keyser City Meeting

Keyser Resident Requests Removal of Council Member

Journal Five has corrected this article in reference to the petition. It was a Courteous Option offered by Snyder. 

During Keyser’s council meeting April 25, 2018, Keyser resident Shawn Snyder presented a courteous option in favor of removing councilwoman Karol Ashenfelter due to alleged misconduct.

“I do believe […] an amendment needs to be made concerning social media,” urged Snyder, president of Citizens for a Better Keyser Inc.

Shawn stated Ashenfelter had also spread false information. This comes in shortly after debate on recycling bins at the South End Park.

Several citizens affirmed Karol Ashenfelter’s harsh attitude towards attending citizens using phrases such as, “get a life.” Jake A. Ryan, local business owner and recent candidate debate host, made a post on one of Keyser’s largest online boards specifically naming Ashenfelter.

You were invited and did not show up. That is your fault not mine. Next time either one of you have something to say, how about you stand up, find your spines, and talk to ME directly. You people are absolute scum. Grow up or get the hell out. —Jake A. Ryan, April 12, 2018

Ashenfelter chose not to comment regarding these matters. The initial recommendation contained one signature, Shawn Snyder.

“I’m going to give council a chance to correct this issue, but if they don’t, I’ll go forward with the petition,” said Snyder in a phone interview. This council meeting was the first time in two years Snyder attended.

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