Mini Relaunch (also R.I.P. YouTube channel)
January 23, 2017 – by Ty

Since Journal Five’s mini relaunch, I wanted to share its statistics. Keep in mind, this will span from the featured image (at this time being YouTube analytics) to direct website stats, and it’s all anonymous. Journal Five is a non-profit organization, and like to inform the public of what’s what.

YouTube has changed its advertisement requirements, and the policy has driven Journal Five’s YouTube channel to an end. May it rest in peace.

However, JF is not stopping there. Both .org, and .com extensions are now alive, well and with ample storage.  Bandwidth has never been an issue, but once in awhile you may see our website down for maintenance or testing gone wrong.

In a matter of days of posting 2 links on Facebook, 2,038 visits took place in 1 day. 1,624 of those hits being unique visitors.

I’ve also enabled caching for WordPress. Earlier the website did take a small dive, and hopefully this will serve up more static files than not.