Voting: If it’s not a Webble-wobble, it’s a Procrastinator

Since Journal Five is in the middle of a services move (temporarily down), I thought I’d post directly from here about the election vote tomorrow, for Mineral County, etc. 


I dipped into politics in Mineral county not too long ago and discovered many frustrated people. It was not often that people would _not_ try to do something, but were often turned away or gave the run-around on particular things. For example, the Vehicle Registrations–I personally think this is a horrible move to Mineral County, shows a lacking effort from the Sheriff and only constitutes extra mileage on peoples’ cars or people attempting to get a car in the long run. Jeremy Taylor (candidate Sheriff) vowed to reinstate the registration at the courthouse which would enable people to commit locally. 

It also came out later that Sheriff Craig Fraley removed it at his own will without consent of the Mineral County Commission (I confirmed this with Michael Bland). So who would want a person in office that did those types of things for their community? I think no one.

As for Education, I can say toward it is that there needs to be fresh ideas. This whole same-ol’-every-year-not-doing-anything-with-the-extra-land-and-when-you-do-it’s-useless-to-the-students-overall-educational-increase thing has got to hit the door. The lack of technological platforms in the education system also bores students. Really, there are several other schools throughout the nation that are adopting tablets and going the eBook route to meet or otherwise lower the budget. This IS doable, considering some of these textbooks flying around cost an arm and over half of the time are outdated – this is pitiful. Vote new people in or take your kids somewhere else.

The next thing?–magistrate. It’s also pitiful that someone with a petty crime is charged maximum, while a robber is charged minimum. Or, it’s pitiful that 2 people with the same crime are charged differently. What is up with this? I won’t throw peoples’ cases out there, because I feel that’d be revealing too much personal information (not that I don’t think it shouldn’t publicly accessible, but rather I don’t want to “target” persons), be but I’m sure you can self-reference examples for yourself. 

It’s about time to put someone in there that will start treating said crimes equally. None of this letting robbers off with the price of a #1 at McDonald’s. For that, I’ve watched Damon Tillman speak at public events and I’ve spoke with him on personal terms about crimes and the associated punishments, I agree with him wholesomely. 

Those three topics are my only concern to the community to speak about publicly, anyway. I’ve plenty of more concerns, but these are the ones I wanted to share about voting – well, there is that whole outsourcing emergency communications thing–come on!

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